Why should we hire you ?

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Ashwin said: (Sun, Nov 4, 2015 09:48:51 AM)

Sir, I’m the fresher, recently I finished my MBA. I don’t have any experience, and I have required qualification for this job, if this organisation will gives me an opportunity to do work, definitely, I will prove my self and I will give my level best. I’m the quick learner and my aim is that, where ever I’m working means I must want to take that company into top most position with my team members and I want to be in good position.

Md Nadeem said: (Fri, Nov 2, 2015 09:13:25 PM)


I’m a fresher. As a fresher I have only theory knowledge as experience but let me assure you that I have specific skills, skills that makes me the same very talented and smart person like you in future. Give me a chance and I will put all my strength in your organization.

Shubham said: (Fri, Nov 2, 2015 06:09:48 PM)

Sir, I am not only having the educational qualification & technical knowledge required for this job, but also I am self motivated person and quick learner. I am looking for an opportunity to prove myself. A reputed company will require people who can prove their potential. By proving myself, I will add credit to my profile and as well as company. Since I am a fresher, I can easily update myself as per the company’s expectations.

Tania Fernandes said: (Wed, Oct 31, 2015 12:10:44 PM)


I’m a fresher, having little experience in the corporate sector.

I like learning new things and I believe that your reputed company will act as a ground basis for me to enhance my knowledge, improve my skills and will help me grow in the financial sector. I’m a hardworking and determined person. It would be my pleasure to work for your reputed company and I assure you the best of my services.

Thank you sir.

Kashif said: (Fri, Nov 2, 2015 12:12:44 AM)


The answer is hidden behind your question that’s why I am seated in front of you, I should be hired by you because I do have experience for the same segment for what your company is known to as well as I can say I will become an assets for the company as I can deliver the best of my expertise & hard working ability, determination & curiosity. And I think you should hire me.

Dhanyatha said: (Thu, Oct 25, 2015 08:52:45 PM)

Sir, as I am a fresher I do not have experience. But I have certain qualities which I feel can be best utilized by me in this company. I am curious to learn new things, determined to complete the work I do, a smart worker, can handle stress efficiently and I can cope up with the emerging trends. If I am given an opportunity to work for this company, it would be my pleasure and I assure you sir, that I will give my best to fulfill the requirements of this job. Thank you sir.

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