What makes you angry?

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Shatakshi Sharma said: (Wed, Oct 24, 2015 10:38:59 PM)

Every human has some or the other reasons which make him/her angry but its the art how you show your anger in a manner that without any argument the person admits his/her mistake. I generally get angry when anyone intentionally tries to pull me back and creates obstacles in my work but I simply believe in one thing that I have to move alone facing everything and accomplish my goals that makes me control my anger.

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Anusha said: (Sat, Oct 20, 2015 09:48:40 AM)

I am actually a calm person. I didn’t get anger usually. But when someone cheats me I ll get anger. But I don’t wanna express it I just move away for a while get myself adapt to the situation. So that there will be no harm for both that person and me. But I easily forgive that person.

Murali said: (Tue, Oct 2, 2015 12:41:15 PM)

Sir, generally I was very cool and calm going and I just get anger when some selfish people cheats me to get their benefits making me a bad in front of higher authorities but I will calmly control my anger sir there is always an alternate way to make that people good instead of scolding.

Vava M Patil said: (Mon, Oct 1, 2015 11:52:14 PM)

I’m a short tempered person and I know that its one of my weakness. I gets angry easily when someone cheats me or when I found that I have been lied to. I also gets angry when I don’t get enough consideration where I deserve it. But I never tries to create a scene out of it to show off my angriness.

Ssagarika Sahu said: (Wed, Sep 26, 2015 11:48:16 AM)

I don’t like when a man makes argue instead of admit his mistake, talks behind and also who tries to interfere ones personal matter. Such type of attitude make me angry. And also there are some people whose words are very discouraging. I keep myself away from them.

Prateek said: (Tue, Aug 28, 2015 11:34:51 PM)

I usually get angry when I see persons who talk behind one’s back. But there is no good in arguing with them about it. So I’ll try to just ignore them and don’t let them spoil my life by worrying about them.

Belle said: (Sat, Aug 18, 2015 10:30:52 PM)

As a human i do get angry when the people i trust, betray and cheat me. But the best part is that i control my anger and try to remain calm during those situations. It helps me to keep myself balanced in life.

Deepak said: (Sun, Aug 12, 2012 08:44:25 PM)

I feel angry when I am in que and waiting for my turn to come but few people come in between and does not follow any discipline.

I get angry when people break traffic signals cause it not only harms them but it puts others too in danger.

I get angry when I did not commit any mistake and someone pinches me that I am responsible for that.

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